Want to learn more about Nutrition?

 Rebel Nurse/Nutrition Consultant/Rebel Oven Founder Amber Delaini-Nielsen offers 1:1 Nutritional Therapy Counseling as well as educational classes held at Epione Integrated Clinic in Montford

Do you ever have symptoms that you can’t explain? Fatigue? Insomnia? Mood changes? Aches and pains? Digestive issues? Bloating? Etc. etc? Or do you simply want to know what foods to eat to best support your body?

Have you chocked these symptoms up to “Oh I’m just getting older” or “I just can’t get going without my coffee” or “My mom had the same problem so I must have inherited it”? 

Are you confused about all the information, terms and diets that are out there and what they mean? Gluten? Whole grains? Fat free? Sugar free? Grass fed? Saturated fat? Low carb? Organic or not? And are you further confused about which regimen is the best for you as a unique individual?

Nutritional counseling will show you how what are you feeling is related in every way to the things that you are putting in your body and will explain what all those terms mean to you as well as explain the effects of your environment and your lifestyle behaviors on your health.

Nutritional Analysis Package $399

Your initial meeting with Amber will start with gathering a health history, identifying your goals and an overview of what to expect with counseling. You will take with you tools to gather very specific information about your health and lifestyle that will enable Amber to identify your nutritional gaps and put together an individualized nutritional plan for you including dietary, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations which will be discussed in your second meeting. Click below to learn more and sign up!

Monthly Educational nutrition classes $20-$50

Next Class Series 2/10, 2/17, 2/24: CLEAN MEAL ALTERNATIVES: Learn to Create Meals Without Grains, Dairy, Refined Sugars or Processed Ingredients

Trying to eliminate grains, dairy or processed foods and feel like there is nothing left to eat? After these classes you will see that there are endless options available for you to eliminate these foods and still enjoy delicious and satisfying meals. Each of the 3 classes will tackle a different meal either breakfast, lunch or dinner and include recipes, tips for success, a tasty meal sample and resources that you can take with you and feel prepared to start eating healthier and feeling better!



If you are nutritionally lost and just want someone to clean up your pantry and refrigerator, this is for you. Amber will come to your home and evaluate the products you currently have and offer explanations to you which products should be avoided, replaced or continued and WHY. She will then create a custom shopping list for you based on these new recommendations that will clean up your diet and make your future shopping trips a breeze!